Optimize Chapters

If It Can Be Searched, It Can Be Optimized

Optimize Discover Consumption SharingA holistic approach to Search, Social Media and Content marketing is essential for a successful online marketing strategy.  The new book, “Optimize”, by Internet Marketing expert Lee Odden, will provide you with the tools necessary to plan, implement, and scale an integrated content marketing strategy to boost your online visibility and relevance with prospects, customers and industry media.

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For a glimpse at what Optimize offers, take a look at the following book overview and chapter descriptions:

Phase 1: Planning

The sheer volume of content created each day coupled with the explosive growth of social media accessed through a variety of Internet connected devices can be overwhelming.  I’ve spent an incredible amount of time testing and making sense of how companies can master the search and social web for better online marketing. My hope is that you’ll find this book quick on the big picture topics and deep on the practical resources for planning, implementing and scaling a socialized and optimized content marketing strategy.

Chapter 1Setting the Stage for an Optimized State of Mind

Chapter 2Journey: Where Does Optimize and Socialize Fit in Your Company?

Chapter 3Smart Marketing Requires Intelligence: Research & Listen

Chapter 4In It to Win It: Setting Objectives

Chapter 5Roadmap to Success: Content Marketing Strategy

Phase 2: Implementation

With an understanding of your customers, marketplace and goals, it’s time to see the social SEO rubber hit the content marketing road. This phase of the book will get into the nitty gritty examples and tactics of customer focused content and social media optimization. From search keywords and social topics to SEO copywriting, social network development and link building, you are now on your way to an optimized state of mind

Chapter 6Know Thy Customer: Personas

Chapter 7Words Are Key to Customers: Keyword Research

Chapter 8Attract, Engage and Inspire: Building Your Content Plan

Chapter 9 – Content Isn’t King, It’s the Kingdom: Creation and Curation

Chapter 10If It Can Be Searched, It Can be Optimized: Content Optimization

Chapter 11Community Rules: Social Network Development

Chapter 12 – Electrify Your Content with Promotion: Link Building

Chapter 13Progress, Refinement & Success: Measurement

Phase 3: Scale

With a solid strategy and tactical mix in place, now it’s time to learn how to deploy this insight into the broader organization.  Many companies will start SEO and social media marketing efforts within a particular department or business unit . The next step is to understand how to incorporate social media marketing and SEO best practices with your company’s content creation efforts.

Chapter 14Optimize and Socialize: Processes & Training

Chapter 15 – Are you Optimized?