4 Quick Tips For Optimizing Across the Sales Cycle

An editorial plan inspired by customer segment information and even buying cycle characteristics for those customer groups can be very helpful for great content optimization and social media promotion. Knowing when and why prospects use search engines helps content marketers decide what types of content, media and keywords to use. Using web analytics, conversion data, […]

Download: Optimize Templates for Keyword Glossary & Editorial Plan

There are two workhorses in the optimize toolkit that are essential for effective online marketing. A keyword glossary template and an editorial plan template. Basic management of keywords keeps content marketing efforts on track with topics and keywords that matter to customers. They help manage the mapping of keywords to content so content assets don’t […]

PPT: Convergence of SEO, Social Media & Content Marketing

At SES Accelerator in San Diego, I gave a presentation to a packed room as you can see. It was chock full of great advice and as a thank you to those who visit OptimizeBook.com and who attended the session, I’ve embedded the presentation below. So many marketers are focused on SEO tactics but the […]

Article: Optimized Content Marketing

Entering the content marketing space is not for the faint of heart. It can be a significant undertaking both in terms of resources and a change in the organization’s approach to marketing and sales. In order to take full advantage of the significant search visibility opportunities that are available with a content focused marketing effort, […]