Speaking Event: MN AMA Gets Optimized!

Optimize MN AMA

Blinded by the light of an Optimized State of Mind

This week the Minnesota American Marketing Association had a dose of “Optimize” with a presentation covering an optimized and socialized framework for content marketing. I added slides to support some of the opening stories in Optimize including the discussion I had with Maile Ohye about “optimizing” my speaking skills and another about sourcing NYC attraction ideas through Twitter for a trip with my oldest son.

The core of the talk centered around a framework for integrating SEO and Social Media with a Content Marketing Strategy.

The presentation seemed to go well with plenty of great feedback afterwards, even though I hadn’t “optimized” it exactly :)  MN AMA folks were gracious and said it was the most people they’ve had attend one of their Digital Series of presentations so far. That’s awesome because the more marketers we can get optimized, the better! If you haven’t had your dose of Optimize yet, check out the special offer.

We had a book give away (although the hard copies are not out until 4/17) and Sarah Kuglin was the lucky winner.

If you’re wondering about the presentation, Jolina Pettice from TopRank Online Marketing liveblogged it and you can find her notes here: “Optimize Your Online Marketing – Customers Over Keywords“. Not that I have a problem with keywords of course – by all means, bring them on. The focus with Optimize is to make those keywords meaningful in both a search and social share/word of mouth context.

Thank you Eric Gilseth, Laura Bates and Bonnie Hanson from MN AMA for having me present. There were great questions and networking. I’ll need to find a way to make good on my promise on that bottle of tequila – next time?