Optimize Book Interviews & Notable Mentions

Kind Words From a Fellow Content Marketer

This complementary (and well optimized) post from Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute sheds some light on not only “Optimize” but the man behind the book, Lee Odden.  In his recent Q&A discussion with Lee, Pulizzi was able to extract some useful nuggets from “Optimize” as well as Lee’s holistic approach to online marketing.

Read: Optimizing Social, Search and Content:  A Q&A with Lee Odden
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Veteran Marketer Ann Handley Breaks It Down with Lee Odden

MarketingProfs CCO Ann Handley refers to “Optimize” author Lee Odden as her “go-to expert on anything search – or SEO-related.”  In a recent interview Ann asks Lee questions related to the problems that “Optimize” solves, as well as seeking advice for CMO’s and business owners on the convergence of search, social, and content.  If you want to see Lee’s answer be sure to read Ann’s full interview.

Read: Search, Social Media, and Content:  Lee Odden’s Optimized Approach to Marketing
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Mel Carson & Lee Odden Discuss the “Nuts & Bolts” of Internet Marketing

In a recent interview  Mel Carson  of Microsoft and author Lee Odden discuss the process of writing a book as well as, what has inspired him throughout his career.  If you’re looking for a little more insight into the author of “Optimize” this is a post you don’t want to miss.

Read the full article: Book Interview: Optimize by Lee Odden from TopRankMarketing.com

Heather Taylor Editorial Director of Econsultancy Gets the “Scoop” From Author Lee Odden

In a recent interview with Econsultancy, Lee Odden shares that his new book “Optimize” was all about the right time, and the right moment.  He also shares that writing this book has forced him to organize his thoughts in a different way, and has also provided another form of communicating with colleagues, fans, and customers.

Read the full article: Q&A: TopRank CEO Lee Odden on integrating SEO, social media and content

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Finding Toilets In Paris Improves Your Online Marketing (WHAT!?!)

Don’t worry, there is a connection!  This lively interview on lendio.com features “Optimize” author Lee Odden.  This interview covers everything from the history of search marketing, key principles in his new book, to his favorite part about working for himself.

Listen to the Full Interview: How Finding Toilets in Paris Improves Your Online Marketing – Entrepreneur Addition #37 with Lee Odden

Entrepreneur Magazine Says to Look to Lee Odden for Increasing Online Visibility

Ann Handley the Chief Content Officer of MarketingProfs recently wrote a column entitled “The talk of the town” for Entrepreneur Magazine.  In her article Ann advises readers: “For a nuts-and-bolts look at increasing your site’s visibility, dig into the new book Optimize by Lee Odden, CEO of TopRank Online Marketing.

Seth Price of Placester Talks Holistic SEO with Author of Optimize

Seth Price shares that he found Lee’s book, read it cover to cover, and then reached out to Odden for an interview.   In this interview with Optimize author Lee Odden the discussion quickly progresses to the importance of setting the stage for the intersection of search, social media, and content marketing.  This view brings content and customer-centric marketing together as a way to attract and engage more business.

Read the Full Review: Seth Price Interviews Lee Odden, Author of Optimize and CEO of TopRankMarketing.com

Miranda Miller of Search Engine Watch Covers Common Online Optimization Issues with Lee Odden

When running a small or mid-sized business there are challenges that arrise simply due to lack of budget and resources.  In this Q&A with Optimize author Lee Odden, you’ll find insight into 5 common online optimization mistakes and tips for overcoming these hurdles.

Read the Full Article: 5 Common SMB Online Marketing Optimization Issues Solved: Q&A with Lee Odden

Matthew Grant of MarketingProfs Shares Optimized Tips From Lee Odden

MarketingProfs’ Matthew Grant interviewed Lee Odden about Optimize for the Marketing Smarts Podcast. Out of that interview, Matt synthesized a useful collection of tips on how to develop an approach to internet marketing that starts with goal setting, develops a hypothesis, implement, monitor progress and measure success, analyze data and revise, adaptation and holistic optimization.

Read the Full Article: “Five Tips for Developing an Adaptable Approach to Online Marketing

Lee Odden’s Vocus Users Conference Presentation Review

Lee Odden opened up day two of the Vocus Users Conference with a presentation on content marketing which included concepts from his new book Optimize.  According to this review his presentation contained insightful nuggets of marketing ideas supplemented with reasons why this approach works.

Read the Full Article: Vocus Users Conference day two: inspiration in content marketing


Interview: Jay Baer & Lee Odden Talk “Optimize”

Jay Baer from Convince and Convert interviews Lee Odden about his new book “Optimize”, and why marketers should ABO.  What does ABO mean?  You’ll have to watch to find out.

Interview: SEO Dojo Radio

“Optimize” author Lee Odden was recently guest on SEO Dojo Radio as part of the series titled “Search Geeks Speak”.  In this interview the roles of SEO, Social Media, and Content Marketing as part of an Internet marketing strategy are discussed.

Watch The Video Interview: Seth Price & Lee Odden

Optimize & Socialize For More Customers

This video from the IonSearch conference in the UK covers Lee Odden’s session on exploring content throughout the buying cycle as well as suggested content types from each step.  Many of the key themes within this presentation are aligned with many of the core messages in his new book Optimize.

Watch the Whole Video: IonSearch 2012 Videos: Lee Odden – Optimize and Socialize for More Customers